четверг, 25 июня 2009 г.

LOs from Where my Dreams live...

Новые странички из набора Where my Dreams live... /New LOs from Where my Dreams live... :

These LOs were created by:
anna1972, Brien, Elisja, JeanetteBollingerDesigns, joshi_82, juliya, justka777, kateno4ek, Kawouette, Mag Henrey, magicalreality, Moni Singeer, Nastenkin, nzmumof4.

Thank you girls for your wonderful pages!

4 комментария:

aristide комментирует...

belle cartoline

Olga Gorchichko комментирует...

до чего ж красиво!!! восхищаюсь!

Michelle from MD, USA комментирует...

WOW "Where my dreams live" is an absolutely STUNNING kit. I love all of your beautiful papers and the elements. I love "Beach" kits but this one is like no other!!! GORGEOUS!! Your CT is FAB too! I'm jealous of them for their talent as well as they get to play with all of your fantastic kits. Thank you for allowing us to purchase your works of art! Now, I am off to purchase your new kit!!


Uma Barzy комментирует...

Красота необыкновенная!У вас золотые руки.И бездна вкуса.