четверг, 14 мая 2009 г.

The Little Big World add-on

The set with additional elements to my "The Little Big World" set to make your world more interesting :)
This set contains 22 elements stored in PNG format with 300 dpi:
box, bench, bridge, well. bucket, shovel, ladder, cloud, clip, cutted cardboard, beds with vegetables, camomile and truck.
Not all elements included into preview!

With the purchase of this set you get a gift - wonderful 3D alpha!!!

Pickleberrypop and Sunflowerscrap

"The Little Big World with GIFT" and "The Little Big World add-on with GIFT"
Only one week sale 15%!!!
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суббота, 9 мая 2009 г.

The Little Big World with GIFT

New kit "The Little Big World"

Pickleberrypop and Sunflowerscrap

With the purchase of this kit you get a gift - wonderful wordart (include 7 original titles)!!!

LOs from this kit:

Thanks to my CT!!!
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вторник, 5 мая 2009 г.

LOs from Flower Melody

Новые странички из коллаба Flower Melody /New LOs from Flower Melody:

And names of amazing autors of LOs are:
anifa, creme-brulee-marina, Elisja, Kotenka, Nastenkin, Oksana, Olia Slavinskaya, ulisa, Iris, JanaO, juliya, Moni Singer, OlgaUnger, Волшебница, anndahl, b_stepien, creme-brulee-marina, Damayanti, Elisja, Iris, JanaO, jane-karta, juliya, kateno4ek, lmccandless, Martina, martina77, Moni Singer, Nastenkin, Nee, Oksana, OlgaUnger, Olia Slavinskaya, photoarcus, Sanka, snoopy, ulisa, nzmumof4

Thank you all!!!
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